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iVA2500 Medical-Grade Air Purifier
$2799* +$179 S&H

For Commercial Applications

This patent pending purifier is the biggest advancement of purification technology in a generation. It's medical-grade air purification engineered for the commercial environment. The iVA2500 has a massive 910 CADR. Its Anion generator pumps out 10x106 Anions/cm3. It removes 99.97% of harmful air particles down to 0.3 microns. This commercial purifier utilizes high-power sterilization UV-C and photocatalysis. It's like a surgical mask for your entire business. And it's very quiet at 45db on low and 63db on high. VironAire's sleek, compact design fits beautifully in any location.

Supply limited. High demand item. Order now.

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