iVA1000 Air Purifier

The High-Tech Surgical Mask
For Home/Small Business

VironAire has developed the newest, most advanced air purification system ever. Our patent pending system is the biggest advancement of purification technology in a generation. More than improved, it's revolutionary. Finally, professional and medical-grade air purification for the home or small business that's affordable. Welcome to VironAire and the newest generation of high-tech air purifiers. 

What's Wrong with Your Air?

  1. Your Home and Office Air is Toxic - This is bad news! Right now millions of particles and toxins are floating around you. Like deadly viruses, and a host of nasty germs, mold spores, mites, dust, smoke, allergens and other toxic particles are ever-present.
  2. More Than HEPA Only - True HEPA (Level H13 or greater) traps 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns and 99.95% at 0.1 microns, which is amazing technology. But a next generation medical-grade air purifier must also sterilize the 0.03% of pathogens the HEPA filter does not trap. The iVA1000 and iVA2500 were engineered to trap and destroy microorganisms. Obviously, VironAire is much more than a HEPA only solution! Learn more about this important topic in Tech Talk.
  3. You and Everyone Around You Are at Risk - Every day toxins are brought into your home or office. Some become airborne. From housekeepers, employees, repair people, healthcare workers or from simple groceries and deliveries, all of which can cause an airborne explosion of harmful particulates. These particles can find their way into your nose, mouth and eyes, causing you or loved ones to become very sick.

The VironAire iVA1000

Medical-Grade Air Purification

Meet your new high-tech surgical mask. The iVA1000 is simple, affordable and medical-grade protection that is available now. Look at what makes it the newest generation of air purifier:



Superior Filtration       

Electrostatic Pre-Filter
True HEPA (H13) Filter
Activated Carbon Filter


Advanced Technology

Molecular Sieve
Cold Catalyst
PCO Photocatalyst


Cutting-Edge Anions

Negative Charged Ions
5x106 Anions/cm3


Sterilizing Ultraviolet   

UV-C Ultraviolet 6W
254 nm Wavelength


High CADR               

CADR: 582
Max Air Throughput


Quiet Operation

Low Fan: 43db
High Fan: 60db


Learn more: Tech Talk  and  FAQs


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

Mike M., Salem, OR - I have some health issues. I need help in my home a few times per week. And people are bringing viruses and germs into the house all the time. I feel protected with the VironAire system in my home.

Jon K., Mesa, AZ - I thought a medical grade air purification system would be more expensive. I was pleasantly surprised at VironAire's affordability. Every household that is concerned about their health should have this air purifier.

Joanie F., Boca Raton, FL - I have bad allergies and your company was recommended to me by my doctor. Now the air inside my house is crystal clean. Your air purifier is even more important to me because of Covid-19. It is a relief to feel at ease.

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