iVA2500 Air Purifier

The High-Tech Surgical Mask
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The Air in Your Business is Toxic: Millions of pathogens
are floating in the air of your business at this very moment. Like deadly viruses, germs, mold spores, mites, dust, allergens and other toxic contaminants. Your business is not unique. Every business suffers from harmful air quality. Each breath you, your customers, patients and staff inhale is rife with toxins. Now is the time to protect the health and welfare of your business. VironAire will help.

Cutting-Edge Solution! VironAire has developed the newest, most advanced air purification system ever. Our patent pending system is the biggest advancement of purification technology in a generation. It's medical-grade air purification engineered for the commercial environment. The iVA2500 removes 99.97% of harmful air particles down to 0.3 microns and 99.95% to 0.1 microns by using HEPA H13 medical-grade filtration. Coronavirus in non-aerosolized form is around 1 micron. The iVA2500 has a massive 910 CADR ensuring commercial level air exchange rates. But VironAire is not a simple HEPA only solution. Its sterilizing Anion generator pumps out 10x106 Anions/cm3 and further subjects pathogens to 254nm UV-C and photocatalysis. It's like a surgical mask for your entire business (learn more: Tech Talk  and  FAQs). And it's very quiet at 45db on low and 63db on high. But the iVA2500 does so much more! It's simple, affordable, portable and installs in minutes. VironAire's sleek, compact design fits beautifully in any location. 

VironAire Purify

VironAire Applications:
Doctor/Dental Offices
Business Offices
Professional Spaces
Assisted/Nursing Facilities
Daycare Centers
Physical Therapy Offices
Hotel/Motel Rooms
Places of Worship
Computer Server Rooms

Classroom Safety: Harvard professor Joseph Allen, Deputy Director of Harvard Education and Research Center for Occupational Safety & Health, promotes HEPA purifiers in classrooms as one safety measure against virus transmission. In a recent interview Dr. Allen said, "In addition to handwashing and social distancing, it is imperative that schools provide greater ventilation with portable air cleaners that have HEPA filters in them in every single classroom in the country." Classroom HEPA purifiers contribute to the protection of students, teachers, parents and their loved ones at home.

High Tech
VironAire Purify

Don't Wait, Act Now! Contact us below! Waiting may make you and your patrons, patients, students and employees sick. Take advantage of VironAire's new and improved medical-grade air purification system today. It's affordable and cost effective. No huge upfront investment. Give your customers reassurance and confidence when visiting your business. Special limited-time promotional packages, including free services available. Special offers may end at any time.


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Partial Client List:
United States Government
US Department of Defense
US Department of the Army
Neptune Township, NJ
Kaiser Permanente
CSISD Public School System
Trivette & Osborne DDS, PLLC
Build Sports Lab & PT
Pearle Vision
Episcopal Collegiate School
nofrills DENTAL
The UPS Store
The Goddard School
Pizza Hut
Planet Fitness

What Customers Are Saying:

James Thompson - Five star product and five star service. Thank you VironAire for your commitment and attention to even the smallest of details. Your air techs have been great!

Sarah Davies - Truly a no brainer in the age of a pandemic. My customers feel safer and so do my employees!

Richard Mills - I know the science behind the iVA2500 and thought it would cost a mint to put on my premises. I cannot believe how inexpensive it was to have this type of technology in my business. VironAire has been fantastic.

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