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The engineers and scientists were given an incredibly ambitious task: Create the world's next generation medical-grade air purification system. More than improved, it must be revolutionary. It had to be powerful and portable. And above all affordable. After some head scratching, they got to work.

Months later they produced the iVA1000 and iVA2500. The newest and most advanced portable air purification systems ever. These systems are the biggest innovation of air purification technology in a generation.

Please download the following important information for your later review:

1. The Efficacy of Portable Air Purifiers in the Reduction of COVID-19 Transmission
2. VironAire Product Comparison Worksheet
3. VironAire iVA1000 Spec Sheet
4. VironAire iVA2500 Spec Sheet

Additional links are below to scholarly articles for those wanting a more in-depth look at the subject. For now, let's cover some basics.

Particle Size Table

Below are dangerous pathogens and contaminants that may be circulating in the air you are breathing right now. These toxins could be entering your lungs with each breath you take. They also can make contact with your eyes and mouth simply while cooking or watching TV.

Note: One micron is one-millionth of a meter.

Particle TypeSize in Microns
Oxygen Molecule0.0005
Aerosolized Insecticides0.5 - 10
Bacteria (Germs)0.5 - 60
Pet Dander0.5 - 100
Respiratory Virus - Aerosol0.5
Respiratory Virus - Droplet1 - 10
Dust Mist2.5 - 10
Mold10 - 30
Pollen10 - 1000
Smallest Particle Visible to the Eye40 - 60
Human Hair40 - 300
Dust Mites100 - 300

As the above table shows, an air purifier must remove exceedingly small particles. What can't be removed must be degraded or destroyed.

The HEPA Only Problem: True HEPA is H13 or higher. Do not consider HEPA air purifiers that are less than H13 or do not state their value. True HEPA traps 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size and 99.95% at 0.1 microns. That's amazing engineering by itself! Virus particles, such a coronavirus, expelled by an infected human are around 1 micron. One micron is larger than virus particles themselves because they are always encapsulated by microscopic mucus materials of the host. A naked virus particle is not found in the environment, nor would it be able to survive on its own. However, there is a problem with relying on a HEPA only solution.

False Sense of Security: Intuitively, True HEPA only air purifiers present as an effective means of reducing the risk of airborne transmissible infections. However, consider being in a room with one or more people infected with Covid-19. These people eject infectious pathogens into the air by talking, laughing, singing, yelling, coughing, sneezing, or simply breathing. Just a few moments of exposure to infected individuals puts you and other healthy people at risk. A True HEPA system with a high CADR will help mitigate this risk, to a certain extent. This may give you a false sense of security.

Here's the Problem: A single sneeze from an infected person could contain as many as 200 million virus particles. Add that to the other carriers talking, laughing, singing, yelling, coughing, sneezing, and breathing. Now, there are billions of particles in the air! There could be 50 billion airborne virus particles in the air after mere minutes. If a True HEPA air purifier could instantaneously remove 99.97% of those pathogens, 15 million would remain circulating in the air. Of course, air purification occurs over time, and not instantaneously, and therefore an air purifier with a high CADR is critical. But that un-trapped 0.03% can be deadly and therein lies the problem.

Deadly Problem Solved: What happens to those millions of potentially lethal particles floating around that the HEPA purifier did not trap? The solution used by hospitals and other similar sterile environments is to kill the remaining pathogens inside the purifier as they pass through the HEPA stage. That is why the HEPA only solution could be deadly. VironAire has a True HEPA filter. However, this is the VironAire difference: The 0.03% of infectious contaminants not trapped by its HEPA stage is subjected to high-power UV-C 254nm ultraviolent light, photocatalysis, and a massive amount of negative ions. No other air purifier currently available can match the air purification and sterilization capabilities of VironAire.

VironAire Systems are Unique: This is the first time that this level of medical-grade air purification has been made available to businesses and homes. In addition to True HEPA (H13), UV-C ultraviolent, a photocatalyst, and negative ion generation, VironAire also incorporates activated carbon, cold catalyst, and molecular sieve technologies. This is all in a portable and affordable unit. VironAire uses the same technological strategies used in large surgical centers and at NASA for sterilization.

And the Rest of the Story: We focused on deadly pathogens above, but let's not overlook the rest of the story. VironAire also effectively and efficiently removes TVOC's, VOC's, such as formaldehyde, mold, dust mites, pollen, smoke, pet dander, PM2.5 particulate matter, noxious smells, allergens, and many other airborne contaminants. VironAire is truly your high-tech surgical mask!

The iVA1000 and iVA2500: VironAire's iVA1000 and iVA2500 have a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 582 and 910 respectively. CADR measures an air purifier's effectiveness based on the volume of clean air produced per unit of time. VironAire's high CADR values demonstrate an unprecedented effectiveness in purifying even large spaces: Read more in FAQs

Look below at the cutting-edge technologies that makes VironAire the next generation of air purification and the choice of professionals.

VironAire Stage PF

Stage PF

Electrostatic Pre-Filter
Initial Particle Trap
Protects Filter Longevity

VironAire Stage HE

Stage HE

HEPA (H13) Filter
True HEPA Membrane
99.97% at 0.3μm/99.95% at 0.1μm

VironAire Stage AC

Stage AC

Activated Carbon Filter
Contaminant Absorption
Suppression of VOCs 

VironAire Stage MS

Stage MS

Molecular Sieve
Molecule Separator
Preferential Absorption

VironAire Stage CC

Stage CC

Cold Catalyst Filter
Decays Formaldehyde,
Benzene, Ammonia & TVOC

VironAire Stage PH

Stage PH

Photocatalyst (PCO)
Microbe Oxidizer

VironAire Stage UV

Stage UV

UV-C 254 nm Ultraviolet
High-power UV
Sterilizing Wavelength

VironAire Stage AN

Stage AN

Negative Ions (Anions)
PM2.5 Precipitator
Pathogen Ionizer

VironAire's portable medical-grade air purifiers are truly revolutionary. They are unmatched in the industry. But VironAire does not stop there. A true next generation technology must push the envelope even further. The iVA2500 and iVA1000 incorporate a sophisticated level of systems intelligence that is unparalleled.

VironAire AI

Systems Intelligence

Real-Time AI
Auto Adjust Mode

VironAire AQ

Air Quality Monitor

Real-Time Monitoring
Visual Displays
Alert Status

VironAire EM

Environmental Monitor

Real-Time Sensors
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor

VironAire SM

Systems Monitor

Real-Time Analysis
Self Diagnostics
Error Reporting

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