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Will your new iNOX19 device be standard on all units? - Yes. Not only will it be standard, replacing the iVAZ Series, we are upgrading current installations as well. The technology is too important to do otherwise.
What wavelength of UV is used? - Internally, both the iVA1000 and iVA2500 employ sterilizing UV-C ultraviolent at 254 nm (with photocatalysis), which is the optimal wavelength for viral and bacterial degradation as recommended by the worldwide science and medical communities. UV-C/254nm is the gold standard of medicinal sterilization of harmful organisms. Futhermore, our UV devices are encased in doped quartz. UV at 254 nm with a doped quartz bulb produces no ozone.
I heard Covid droplet size is 1 micron, is that true? - Most medical research agree that non-aerosolized coronavirus is about 1 micron in viral droplet form. Both of our units remove 99.97% of any type of material down to a tiny 0.3 microns and 99.95% at 0.1 microns. In addition, VironAire's UV-C ultraviolent paired with photocatalysis and Anion generation attempts to destroy and degrade all viral, bacterial or organic particles.
What is your CFM? - That is a confusing question that some manufacturers attempt to capitalized upon. The only metric that matters when discussing air flow is CADR. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a critical metric of a purifier's ability to remove particles of a given size and is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM.) This drastically differs from a CFM metric alone. CFM as a standalone value demonstrates only the volume of air moved through a system without regard to particle removal. CADR is a compulsory and precise method of comparing air purifiers in a standardized manner. CFM alone vs. CADR is an apples to oranges comparison. Always request the CADR from air purifier companies which will provide a true comparison of capabilities. Specs that boast CFM and RPM are not valuable without CADR values.
What room size will your purifier handle? - Room size is not the standard! CADR is the correct metric (See next question). Here is a simple illustration. Some companies proclaim their devices can clear a 1200 square foot room. Ok, assume that 1200 sq. ft. room has a 6-foot ceiling. That is 7,200 cubic feet of volume. Now, let’s visualize that same room with an 18-foot ceiling, which now is 21,600 cubic feet of volume. That's 3 times the air volume! See the problem? As you now realize it is the volume of the room that matters, not square feet! Square feet alone is a false equivalence. Compare all air purifiers by their CADR as that is the true measure of an air purifier’s capability.
So, what is your CADR? - That's the critical question! (Also see next question) The answer is so important that some companies are uncomfortable and fail to publish their CADR. CADR is 'Clean Air Delivery Rate' and is measure of what volume of air moves through a purifier per unit of time. If this rating is low, a purifier is rendered virtually useless regardless of what technology is inside the device. Ask for this important metric from all companies under your review. The iVA1000 has a CADR of 582. Our iVA2500 CADR is 910. Don't be confused when companies talk about room size, air exchange, or other types of jargon. Ignore bold claims and slick websites. Demand a product's CADR from the manufacturer prior to consideration. Always look for the purifier with the highest value CADR.
Okay, what CADR is best for a room 20' x 20' and 9' ceiling, for example? - Sorry, long answer: The answer is the largest CADR you can find! A 20x20x9 room is 3600 cubic feet. Theoretically, it would take 6 minutes for 3600 cubic feet to flow through an air purifier that has a CADR of 580. Does that mean after 6 minutes the air is squeaky clean? Let's venture back to chemistry and those dreaded dilution and mixing calculations. Visualize a tub filled with five gallons of clean, clear water. Let's pour red dye into the tub and mix it. The tub of water is now a deep red color. Okay, now once per minute a gallon of water is taken from the tub and replaced with new clean, clear water. After 5 minutes, 5 gallons of water would be exchanged, which is the original volume of the tub. But, after these 5 iterations would the water be as clear as when initially filled? No trace of red? No! The water will still be somewhat pink from some of the dye. So, you see the problem. Your air is the same as the water. That leftover pink in the tub can be leftover viruses, toxins and contaminants still in your air after one full air exchange. You will need to exchange it a lot for it to be clean. Which means many air exchanges. The only way to accomplish this quickly and healthily is with the highest rated CADR purifier you can find.
Does your purifier dry out the air? - No. It will not take moisture from your air as it is not a dehumidifier. Also, it will not add moisture to your environment as it is not a humidifier.
Why not sell on Amazon or eBay like Molekule, Levoit, Honeywell and others? - VironAire products are medical-grade devices, and VironAire is a medical equipment manufacturer and not a simple air purifier maker. For example, Kaiser Permanente is a client. Our focus is and shall remain marketing directly to serious end-users, such as knowledgeable and informed individuals, medical professionals, hospitals, school systems, local, state and federal government and business owners.
Is there a child lock? I work around kids - Yes, there is a tamper-proof setting that prevents children and others from changing settings. One button push and the control panel is locked. A simple 'secret' push and it unlocks.
What is the life of your UV bulb? - The iVA1000 has a 6 watt bulb and the iVA2500 is 7 watts. The service life of both are approximately 8000 hours.
I'm a teacher, will this be good for my classroom? - Yes! Our units have high CADR's that can easily handle an average size classroom. Professor Joseph Allen of Harvard strongly recommends that HEPA air purifiers be deployed in every classroom in the country.
I work as a nurse in a high school nurse's office. Do I need this? - We appreciate the work that you do! Nurse's offices are generally a small room. Not a lot of air circulation. And you are in close contact with students that are sick. Please, get a true medical-grade purifier ASAP! You will protect yourself and the next student that comes into the office, as viral droplets, germs and other harmful organics can linger suspended in the air for longer periods than first believed.
Your purifiers produce Negative Ions (which are Anions). Is that the same thing as ozone? - A good question. Anions and ozone are not the same thing. A Negative Ion (Anion) is an oxygen atom with an extra electron. Ozone is an oxygen molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms.
I read UV light causes ozone. Is that true? - VironAire’s UV lamps do not produce ozone. It is true that certain wavelengths of the UV spectrum can and do produce ozone, which is unhealthy. VironAire utilizes UV at the 254 nm wavelength. This wavelength is the optimum spectrum for viral and bacterial destruction. Also, 254 nm wavelength UV produces little to no ozone. In addition, VironAire's UV bulbs are encased in doped quartz. Doping quartz fully ensures zero ozone is produced by our purifiers.
Are Negative Ions safe (you call them Anions)? - According to the NCBI and NIH, Anions are safe and beneficial. Again, we need to note that Anions are not the same as ozone. Anions can help degrade or destroy harmful organisms. Also, Anions remove fine particulate matter from the air by binding and precipitation. We get this question frequently and have placed a separate PDF resource here for your review.
What's the difference between MERV 13 and HEPA H13? - MERV is Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values. The rating range 1-16. It is derived from a test method developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). At MERV 16, the specification is particles 0.3 – 1.0 microns are removed at 75% efficiency. This standard is not mandated by law. MERV is generally found in HVAC and home furnace system. HEPA is High Efficiency Particulate Air, and is a standard defined by the U.S. Department of Energy. HEPA filters are mandated by US law to meet exacting specifications between different manufacturers. The HEPA standard dictates removal of 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns. Sterile environments needing air purification require H13 or higher to be considered medical-grade. Bottom line is there is no comparing MERV filtration to that of HEPA. It is worse than an apples to oranges comparison scientifically. HEPA is an order of magnitude more efficient than MERV.
How long do filters last? - On average, anywhere from 8-12 months. However, you may need more often filter changes if the unit is in a dusty or similarly dirty or high viral load environment.
What is the difference between your purifier and the Molekule, and others? - Big differences. Please navigate to our Comparison Table and review our features, capabilities and technology against Molekule and other major manufacturers. If your purchase is for your health or the health or others, we suggest you perform serious due diligence and compare VironAire with all other top air purification companies.
Your purifiers have many filtration stages, but what level is the HEPA stage? - Yes, we have more purification stages than any other system on the market. All HEPA purifiers are not the same. Your question is important. Our HEPA stage is H13. Be aware that any value less than H13 is not medical-grade filtration.
Do you handle 220v? - Yes, the iVA2500 requires a 3-prong type B plug outlet with 110/220VAC (50-60Hz). The iVA100 is a 2-prong type A plug outlet with 110/220VAC (50-60Hz). These are standard electrical outlets in the USA.
Your units seem a little more pricey? - Yes, they are on the higher end. However, our pricing is not that much different compared to the top tier of manufacturers. Be aware that our iVA2500 is for larger commercial applications. But huge differences exist between a medical equipment manufacturer like VironAire and air purifier makers. Look at our capabilities, features and technology outlined in Tech Talk or use the product Comparison Table for a side-by-side review of the marketplace. Your health and the health of those around you are easily worth considering higher-end solutions.
Can you turn on and off the Anion generator and UV light? - Yes. You can control both functions independently at any time.
Do your air purifiers eliminate odors? - Our units have activated carbon filters to help with just that.
Can they be run 24/7? - Absolutely. The air in our satellite medical device service center is purified, disinfected and cleaned 24/7 by our units. However, you may turn off the unit when not needed.
What about cigarette smoke? - Smoke is gone!
Will the purifiers come with filters installed? - The systems ship with filters installed but remove the protective covering prior to using. The covering is to protect your new filters and keep them clean and ready for your first use.
I own a dentistry office. Good idea? - Best idea! Some of our biggest customers are in the medical and healthcare industries. VironAire is the company that medical professionals rely upon when health and safety matters.
Is it noisy? - No, they are very quiet. The iVA1000 is 60db on high and less than 43 on low. The iVA2500 is 63db on high and less than 45db on low. Both measured at 1 meter from the units.
Should I consider the filters hazardous when changing? - Short answer, yes! Please handle filters, pre filters and all air inlets of any purifier as a possible biohazard.
What is the size of the purifier? - The iVA1000 is 26.5"H x 18.5"W x 10"D and 22lbs. The iVA2500 is 35"H x 20"W x 13"D and 71lbs. Both units are 110/220VAC and 85W and 110W respectively.
I need a super large CADR system. What are my options? - Our VironAire Research Division (our original medical manufacturing arm) has engineered custom medical-grade units with CADR's of 2,500 and greater. Major hospitals and surgical centers have depended on our expertise and professionalism. Please contact us for specialized system design and integration. We can evaluate any air quality control requirements of any size space you may have.
Do you have a different question? - Please ask below. All questions regarding air purification and VironAire are welcome. We attempt to post to this FAQ page new and relevant questions as often as possible. Thanks!


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