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iVA1000 Medical-Grade Air Purifier
$1299* +$89 S&H

For Small Business/Home Applications

The iVA1000 is perfect for doctor/dental offices, small businesses, conference rooms and homes. It has a CADR of 582, and the same cutting-edge Medical-Grade capabilities as the iVA2500. The iVA1000 Air Purifiers, with its True HEPA (H13) filtration, removes 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns is size. That efficiency eliminates most contaminants and PM2.5 pollution. In addition to filtration, the iVA1000 utilizes advanced, high-tech sterilization technologies, such as Ultraviolent UV-C, the same UV-C used in large surgical centers and at NASA, Photocatalysis and Negative Ion Generation at 5x106 Anions/cm3.

Supply limited. High demand item. Order now.

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